Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders within the U.S. are sent by USPS Priority Mail and can take 3-5 Business Days (do not take weekends into account). International orders, sent by International Priority, can take approximately 10-14 business days depending on your country’s postal service (do not take weekends into account). It is not uncommon for orders to take even longer depending on the customs of your country. If you are ordering during a holiday period (i.e. Christmas and New Year) please anticipate that you order may take longer as well.

Q: I would like my order right away, how can I get it sooner?

If you would like to receive you order more quickly, choose the priority or express options at check out, you can also make arrangements by contacting my assistant, Mariel Halsall at mlimjoco@hotmail.com. Additional costs will apply.

Q: How can I track my order?

International orders can be tracked within the U.S. by the Customs Form Number, but once the order leaves the U.S., we are unable to track it using International First Class Mail. If you would like tracking information added to your order, please contact my assistant, Mariel Halsall at mlimjoco@hotmail.com to make arrangements or choose delivery options such as Priority or Express. Additional costs will apply.