Drum Solo Secrets with Sadie

Sadie Bellydancer

Sadie's very first self-produced DVD! Over 2 hours of exciting and challenging technique, drills and combos!

"The Queen of The Drum Solo" has done it again! Roll up your sleeves and get ready for the ultimate video training experience! Chock full of Sadie's personal "tricks of the trade" and secrets of her success, Drum Solo Secrets demystifies some of the most intricate and complex movements within Bellydance. The techniques, drills and combinations in this video program will expand, define and enhance your dance vocabulary and take you to the next level! Some of the Secrets you will discover include: * Unlocking your potential through Posture * The Art of Isolation's, how to create superbly defined movements * Syncopations & Timing * Micros * "Triple Threat Layers": three moves, three tempos, the ultimate mind body challenge * Getting Down with Downs * Funky ¾ Style Pelvic Locks * The art of LIVE drum solo with a cameo appearance by Karim Nagi * Shimmies & Show Stoppers! PLUS * Performances by Sadie * Bonus performance by Atlantis Long * And so much more!! As always, Sadie's precise explanations and visual demonstrations make this video accessible to all levels of dancers looking for inspiration and challenging techniques to take their dance to new dimensions.
 Run time170 minutes NTSC - All Regions

As always, Sadie's precise explanations and visual demonstrations make this video accessible to all levels of dancers looking for inspiration and challenging techniques to take their dance to new dimensions.

DVD / 170 minutes / NTSC All Regions

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Category: bellydance

Type: Instructional DVD

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