Sadie BellyDance

November 17th, 2018
Sweatshop Dance

"Twerking" aka "Booty Shaking" has become a worldwide phenomenon, if not obsession. Since the 1980's, the Urban music scene in the USA has popularized this dance, bringing it to the mainstream. Since then, each generation has gifted their "Ode to the Derrière" with ever more impressive and technical dance tributes. What few people don't know is that, like most good dance and music, the roots of the twerk lay deep in Africa. We can find similar pelvic dominated movements that result in the gyrating, popping and shaking of the posterior across North Africa as well as many cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa.  

Sadie will guide you on an amazing booty dominated workout and exploration of movement that will liberate your body and enhance pelvic control and stability. The results will leave you with not only an amazing "twerknique" but will also enhance any other movement forms you practice. Be prepared to "twerk-it" to an amazing playlist of bootylicious music from the 80s through the present and to unleash the power of the Pelvis in ways you never imagined possible!!!
This workshop is for all levels.
Please bring knee pads, a yoga mat (the thicker the better) and sneakers (also heels if you'd like to try the combos in heels). Wear whatever cloths you feel comfortable in. Booty shorts are welcome and encouraged.
This workshop is a safe place to play and explore. Bring your girlfriends, bring your mom!!  Lets all get our TWERK-ON!!!