Thrillin Drillin with Sadie

Sadie BellyDance

Practice makes perfect and the best way to practice your technique is by Drilling!

In this DVD Sadie leads you through two Technique Sections and six related Drill Sets that are designed to improve your isolation, speed, control and flexibility.

In the Technique Sections Sadie demonstrates and breaks down the mechanics of important foundational hip movements and the art of layering movements on one another.

In the Drill Sets, Sadie leads you through six different drills based on the Technique Sections so you can practice and perfect your own technique. Each of the six drills has three levels of increasing difficulty as Sadie adds additional layers to each movement. By working your way through the drill levels, you'll challenge yourself and continue to build complexity and subtlety in your dancing.

Sadie also discusses using different tempos to demonstrate your skill, conserve your energy, and create additional interest in your dancing. Throughout, Sadie demonstrates and explains correct posture, weight changes and the technique differences between doing a movement while flat-footed and then in relevé.

Soon your dancing will include these exciting and challenging movements:
* 3/4 shimmy with an undulation and half time alternating chest circles
* Chasse with half time undulations and full time pelvic drops
* Half time hips with alternating half and full time chest lifts
* Walking squares with back and front pelvic locks
* and more!

Whether you are brand new to Belly Dance, a novice, or a professional, the exercises in this program will dramatically improve your technique and abilities!

Plus a beautiful costumed performance by Sadie, using the technique and layers taught on this DVD!

DVD / 127 Minutes / NTSC All Regions

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