Sadie Presents: 15 Ultimate Bellydance Hits CD

Sadie Bellydancer

Sadie presents 15 Ultimate Bellydance Hits is the premier collection of sultry to upbeat traditional and modern bellydance favorites. Encompassing many styles, you can enjoy Egyptian classics, modern raks sharqi, DJ remixes, drum solos, beledi, and sensual music for veil and floorwork. Recognized as one of the world’s most famous and respected bellydance artists, Sadie is a groundbreaking performer, instructor and choreographer. This exclusive selection of music is handpicked by Sadie from her line of best-selling instructional bellydance videos.


1. The Soul of Cairo - Ahmad Gibaly & Orchestra 4:19
2. Solo Gamalat - Gamal Goma 3:58
3. Shuruk - Roger Abboud 4:24
4. Maksum -Bodyshock 3:35
5. Ansak - Roger Abboud 3:56
6. Bardawi Drum Solo - Ya Salam Orchestra 3:00
7. Wusul Ula Baghdad - Mohamed Ali Ensemble 3:57
8. Moallem Tabla - Ya Salam Orchestra 2:08
9. Zay El Hawa - Mohamed Ali Ensemble 4:24
10. Mouhammad Ali Street - Gamal Goma 5:08
11. Ah Ya Zein - Roger Abboud 4:36
12. Drum On - Ali Darwish 2:39
13. Eshtaktillak - Petrol Bomb Samosa 4:12
14. Zeina - Petrol Bomb Samosa 4:50
15. Ya Bent El Soultan - Gizira Band 3:55

Features music from Sadie's DVDs which are all available here and the drum solo from her famous,most watched Youtube performance

*Sadie's Complete Bellydance Guide
*Dynamic Drum Solo
*Sadie's Signature Combinations
*Ultimate Bellydance with Sadie
*Drum Solo Technique and Choreography

*Sadie's Famous Youtube Drum Solo clip
*Bellydance with Veil

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