Pops, Locks & Layers with Sadie and Kaya

Sadie BellyDance

The Dynamic Belly Dancing Duo Sadie and Kaya are at it again with their most exciting and challenging DVD yet that delves right into the signature "Sadie &amp Kaya" bellydance technique and styling. Intricate layers, combinations and all new techniques will take your dance to the next level!.

Building on their popular Pops, Locks &amp Shimmies DVD series, Sadie and Kaya teach you even more technique and combinations with an emphasis on their own brand of layering.

This DVD includes:

Chest Movements
Layering with Hips
Chest Combinations
Vertical Figure 8s with Layers, Chest Locks, Foot Patterns and Combinations
Inward Pelvic Circles with Layers and Combinations
Outward Pelvic Box with Turns and Combinations
And Much More!

Don't just layer, layer with precision and style with Pops, Locks & Layers!

This amazing DVD ends with a hot performance with Sadie and Kaya with music from Amir Sofi.

DVD / 127 minutes / NTSC all regions


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