Pops, Locks & Shimmies with Sadie and Kaya

Sadie BellyDance

Exclusive Sadie and Kaya Technique and Styling-Pops, Locks & Shimmies is the first of a series of formatted workshops with Sadie & Kaya now available on DVD. The series was designed by Sadie & Kaya and breaks down their signature bellydance techniques and styling to give the belly dancer a complete, no nonsense approach to understanding the mechanics of intricate dance movements allowing the dancer to create virtually any desired style of belly dance. We will guide you through a series of drills working with range of motion, then creating, locks, pops and shimmy variations. The DVD has multi leveled combinations from beginning to advanced. Now you can enjoy over 2 hours of the famous workshop Sadie & Kaya have taught around the world for years right in your own home!!!

DVD / 120 minutes / NTSC All Regions

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