"Poetry In Motion" Online Event October 10, 2020

Sadie BellyDance

ATTENTION!! Be sure to select which "Pack" you want in the option box above!!

If you want to pay in Brazilian Real, contact Jade El Jabel 

"Full Pack" $55.00 USD ~ Everything is included but you choose not to perform in the show, only watch.

"Performers Pack"$70.00 USD ~ Limited to 15! Everything is included and you will perform in the show and receive an evaluation after your performance (if you want it).

Brazil / USA

1pm / 10am – 2 hrs Sadie ~ Percussive Isolations & Accents! Explore the exciting possibilities in your movements. The music will be our muse and inspire some truly Raq’n, yet poetic expressions!

3pm / 12pm 30 minutes break

3:30pm / 12:30pm – 2 hrs Jade El Jabel ~ Smooth and Sinuous! Jade will take you on an exploration of curves, moving your body in luscious and supple aways. Your own body will be your muse, as we tap into emotional, movement poetry!

5:30pm / 2:30pm – 30 minutes break

6:00pm / 3:00pm – 1.5 hrs Q&A and Chat with Jade & Sadie Ask us anything and share your beauty and wisdom! It’s rare to be among a group of people willing and open to share. We are so excited to facilitate this conversation, lets inspire each other!

7:30pm / 4:30pm – 1.5 hrs Show Prep! Please be back in time to support and watch the show!

9pm / 6pm – 2 hrs “Poetry In Motion Show” All participants may join us to either watch or perform in the show. After the live show Sadie & Jade will offer evaluations and feedback to the performers who want it, followed by a closing ceremony!!