With over 4 decades of training and experience in Egyptian/ Lebanese Cabaret & Folkloric Dance, Nourhan Sharif is a leading American artist of Middle Eastern dance and music who has taught and performed on nearly every continent. With a background in ballet, modern dance, tango & Cuban Salsa, Nourhan is dedicated to the art and cultural presentation of Raks Sharqi and to formulating her own expressive style. She has studied with many Egyptian born Artists including Raqia Hassan, Tito Seif, Mahmoud Reda, Sohair Zaki, Dina, Aida Nour, and more. Nourhan’s dance style exemplifies great technique, dynamic presence, and precision. Her years of immersion in Middle Eastern culture lend her dance an authentic depth that is immediately apparent. Nourhan has created numerous instructional DVD's for middle Eastern dance, and as a producer has been host to many authentic and traditional style seminars, galas and festivals. Ms. Sharif is also an author, has created a collection of music with Yousry Sharif, and is designer of her own dance clothing line. Find out more about Nourhan at

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